About Us

Desired home is a home and garden magazine that aims to help homeowners. Our site contains troubleshooting guides for common home issues, pricing for different home improvement services, buyer guides, and other helpful information for prospective buyers.

The content on the site is created and/or reviewed by industry experts such as electricians, plumbers, architects, and general contractors.

Our Chief Editor

Long Track Record in Home Services

Our editor-in-chief Ruben Marziano has over 15 years of experience in the home services field.

He ran a construction company up until the 2009 housing crash.

After that, he ran a kitchen and bath showroom, and a moving and relocation company.

Recently, he returned to the home improvement space and now serves as a construction manager.

Our Mission

Our mission originates from the long track record of our chief editor. During his time in the businesses, he noticed that many companies were taking advantage of consumers that are not educated. This common practice in the home services industry and his desire to spend more time with his family, made him sell all of those businesses.

After selling all of those businesses, he took 2 years off during which he learned more about online marketing. Now, that he is would like to stop homeowners from being taken advantage of.

Sure our step-by-step home improvement guide would be helpful for do-it-yourself homeowners. However, we like to believe that understanding what the problem could be, and what it should cost to fix, could help save homeowners a lot of money when repairing and maintaining their homes.

Additional Editors


Alexis Musgrave

Alexis is a lifelong writer and traveler who loves collecting information with the hope of someday winning trivia night.

She enjoys exploring nature’s wonders, reading historical books, and trying out new baking recipes.

And as a new homeowner, she is learning alongside the readers with every article!

Our Editorial Process

Every piece of content on our site has been produced according to our strict editorial process. This process includes creating an outline based on original and specific industry research.

The content generally speaking is ghostwritten by homeowners and/or industry professionals. The content is then reviewed by licensed professionals to ensure accuracy. If you believe the information is not up to date, please feel free to contact us.