American Standard Vs. Carrier (Reliability, Common Problems & Pricing)

Your AC unit breaks and you need a new one fast. American Standard and Carrier are both well-known and reputable companies that produce excellent air conditioners. Carrier was the first company to build our modern air conditioning system. American Standard was originally founded in 1875 as a large creator of bathroom fixtures, and then later to air conditioners. 

American Standard is the perfect brand for people looking for a quality AC unit while on a budget. American Standard is well known for their generous 10-12 year warranties while Carrier is reputable for energy efficient units. American Standard are not necessarily the quietest units to hit the market, and Carrier units are expensive. 

Each brand has their trademark benefits as well as their areas of improvement. They differ slightly in what they can offer consumers. Because of this difference, you will want to be aware of what each brand can provide. Continue reading to learn more about the pros and cons of both brands. 

Everything You Need To Know About American Standard

American Standard used to be known as the Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company and was created in 1875. They were originally known for creating top of the line bathroom fixtures. This company then completed a merger with American Radiator Company in 1967, and thus American Standard was born.

This company has worked tirelessly to become a reputable brand that produces elegant and efficient bath and kitchen products as well as AC units. American Standard is the perfect go-to brand for the average person looking for efficient and affordable products. 

American Standard is now known as one of the most trustworthy brands on the market. Their air conditioning units have a reputation of having a 10-12 year warranty to ensure their customers of their efficiency. They are also known for maintaining high quality, energy efficient, and wallet-friendly air conditioning units that help set them apart from competitors. 


American Standard is usually known for the longevity and reliability of their products. If you buy their products, you can almost be sure they are built to last. They frequently come with warranties to ensure that you and your product are taken care of. This requires you to regularly have it inspected. 

It is believed that if you buy an air conditioner from American Standard, you can expect it to last 15-20 years with proper upkeep. You need to make sure the products are regularly maintained and cleaned for them to run to their full potential. 

A reviewer from Pickhvac left the comment “I was about to buy a Payne before I got this American Standard. A friend stopped me before I bought because she has problems with her own. This unit has done a great job at keeping the house cool I like it”.


American Standard is overall known as an efficient and reliable brand. They have a plethora of different products for consumers to enjoy. They are best known for their air conditioners, kitchen, and bathroom appliances. 

While they are usually considered a reputable brand, they do seem to receive some mixed reviews from online boards about their products. 

From American Standard, a customer left a review of five stars on a faucet and the comment, “Works beautifully, looks amazing and functions perfectly. Glad we bought this!”

Another customer left a review stating, “American Standard did not honor the quote/contract that it made with me.”

They have mostly raving reviews with customers impressed with the quality and efficiency of their products. They are designed to last upwards of 15-20 years if cared for properly. As with any product or service, there will be some positive and some negative reviews. 


American Standard offers a Base Limited Warranty, a Registered Limited Warranty, and an Optional Extended Warranty. 

When selecting a Base Limited Warranty, you can be sure you are covered if a part fails in your unit. In this case, a replacement will be provided without worrying about costs. The Base Limited Warranty lasts approximately five years and was designed for units that are unregistered or completed registration 60 days past their installation date. This warranty does not cover labor costs.

If you register your product within 60 days of it being installed, you can opt in to the Registered Limited Warranty. Similarly to the Base Limited Warranty, enjoy the benefit of coverage of cost of faulty parts. The catch is that it does not cover labor cost. 

The Optional Extended Warranty option is great at covering the costs of parts, and sometimes can include the cost of labor as well. 

Maintenance and Repairs 

Regular maintenance is required to keep your products running efficiently. This can include by having a cooling inspection and a heating inspection minimally once a year. This will ensure everything is operating correctly to keep your home comfortable year round. 

Other things you can look out for are suspicious noises. The noise your units are making can give you a lot of insight into what the problem may be. 

Keep your nose out for odors as well, as this could signify a serious issue that will need to be dealt with immediately by a professional. Clear out anything that happens to be near your vent for the best circulation. This includes furniture and drapes.

Some common problems your unit might encounter is the cost to cool or heat the home increasing. Another issue is when there are temperature inconsistencies. This means that your unit needs to be reviewed and a technician might have to look at it. 

Parts can sometimes go bad on any unit. When this happens, you will need a new part. If you are not covered by warranty, you can find the parts to your American Standard product on Furnace Part Source


American Standard strives to find new and innovative ways for you to install their products with ease. Their goal is to make it as time efficient as possible to leave you with more time to do the things you enjoy. With this in mind, there are some products that should be installed by a professional to ensure they are installed efficiently. 

If you are looking to install a product such as an air conditioner, it is best to find a professional. This should be a Customer Care Dealer who is certified from American Standard. With this certification, you can be sure that they are providing quality work when installing your products. 

If you attempt to install a product such as an air conditioner without experience, this could ruin even the best of air conditioners. After your product is properly installed, your product will hold more durability than if it was done by someone inexperienced. 


The American Standard is an efficient yet expensive brand. They are best known for their excellent hvac systems and other bathroom and kitchen products. While they are especially capable, this does not come without cost. 

This brand is definitely on the more expensive side, but it is less expensive than Carrier. Not only must you consider the price of the product, but also the price of installation if it requires the help of a professional. 

You can expect the cost of a 5-ton American Standard air conditioner to cost approximately $7,000, which is significantly less than that of Carrier. 

If price is a factor, American Standard is the most cost efficient option. Included in their costs are usually a 10 year warranty to back up their product. Their prices may be more than the market average, but their products and services are superior and sure to last. 

Everything You Need To Know About Carrier

Many people know that Carrier was the very first company to create our modern air conditioning system that is widely used today. This was first created by a man with the name Willis Carrier in 1902 as he built a machine that utilized fans, chilled coils, and ducts. It was designed to maintain a certain level of humidity. 

Fast forward to today and Carrier has three well known products for their air conditioning line: Performance, The Infinity, and Comfort series. These products are all energy efficient and state of the art. 

This brand is considered top of the line, but with the increase in price is an increase in quality. When purchasing Carrier AC units, you know you will be making a long-term investment. Most of these units run quieter than almost any other brand on the market and saves you money on energy bills. 


Carrier is a highly reliable ac brand as it was recently rated as the number one Best HVAC companies of 2022. Their units are said to be some of the most quietly running and cost efficient hvac systems available for purchase. If properly maintained, they should last 15-20 years before needing to be replaced. 

When asked about their experience, one user on Top Ten Reviews believed that overall, their carrier AC ran efficiently and smoothly with little issue. Other customers believed that the units ran quietly and were able to enjoy lower energy bills as well as a variety of units to select from. 

A downside that many users mention, though, is the price. Carrier is typically one of the higher costing brands, but you pay for the quality work that they do. When buying a Carrier, your home will be as effortlessly cool as you’d like. 


Carrier’s are well known for their efficiency. They have been honored with being the top HVAC company in 2022. Their SEER rating of 26 and the fact that they run at a minimal 51 decibels makes this brand a no brainer. The biggest downfall of this brand is the normally large price tag. 

Customers generally agree that this is a reputable and efficient brand. One customer on Consumer Affairs stated, “This system has been very reliable and dependable. Very little maintenance required. The system has stood the test of time and weather. I would recommend Carrier for its economy and freedom from repairs.”

With any product, there are always negative reviews as well. Another customer left the review of, “Carrier was always considered top of the line early in my use, but the later models seem to have problems.” 


Carrier is a little different when it comes to warranties . Instead of purchasing a warranty separate from the product, the products you buy come with the warranty. As with any warranty, there are services that are not included with the warranty, such as normal maintenance. 

Additionally, Carrier does not usually charge anything when a technician comes out to service or repair components on your product. This is a great perk as many times, homeowners must pay a professional a minimum of $75 every time a technician comes out. Another great benefit that comes with this warranty is that it can be passed between different homeowners.

Something to think about is that the warranty does not cover if a product was improperly installed or received improper servicing. Also, if you register the product after 90 days of the installation, the warranty is limited. 

Maintenance and Repairs

Changing your filter is one of the biggest maintenance requirements to keep your AC running efficiently. It must also be cleaned regularly to remove dirt and debris that can build up. These are some of the most common tasks for routine maintenance. 

If a Carrier AC is on the fritz, it could be your thermostat. It may need new batteries or to be replaced all together. You may also experience low refrigerant, indicating a leak. This will require HVAC to come out to inspect it. Another common issue is a frozen evaporator coil. 

Thankfully, if your Carrier AC has issues that can be fixed by a nonprofessional, you can find the parts and replace it yourself. A great website to find these is on Grainer. They offer a wide range of different Carrier AC parts to help solve your problem. 


While American Standard has more products than just the AC system, Carrier produces more intricate appliances that should always be handled with care. These kinds of products include furnaces, heat pumps, and boilers. To install these appliances can be dangerous to those without experience, and can easily turn south. 

It may be tempting to DIY installation with Carrier’s products, but seeking the help of a professional is recommended. If you do it yourself, you could easily become hurt, or install the item incorrectly and cause damage to your home. 

The Carrier professionals are specifically trained to correctly install your appliance and you will be worry free as to whether it is properly done. When looking at one of their units, ensure you factor into your budget the possible cost of installation. Installation from a professional will give you peace of mind as well as a unit that is working smoothly and flawlessly. 


While Carrier is hands down one of the best brands on the market, they are also the most expensive. This does not come without benefits, though. Along with the higher costs comes the better quality of service the units will provide you. 

Even though they cost more for buying and installing the unit, users usually notice a significant difference in their energy bills. Along with this savings in energy, these units also run at a low volume, allowing you to relax without the bothersome noise. 

For the unit alone, you can expect to pay a minimum of $3000 for the unit itself. When you’re looking at installation as well, it could be upwards of $7000, if not more depending on the size. A professional should be installing the unit to ensure it is done incorrectly to avoid any unwanted damages from incorrect installation. 

Direct Comparison of Carrier and American Standard

American Standard and Carrier both can agree that their units should be installed by a professional. Neither company will cover anything if a unit was improperly installed or maintained. 

A standout feature of American Standard is that some units have the capacity to automatically adjust itself to keep running at the best speed for your home. A feature that Carrier is known for is that some of the units have sound blankets. They are designed to run as quietly as possible for a relaxing home environment. 

Both brands are pretty energy efficient, but Carrier takes the lead. American Standard has a SEER rating of up to 22, while Carrier has a SEER rating of up to 26. The higher the rating, the less energy it requires to run. This directly relates to saving money when running these appliances. 

Carrier units are more expensive than American Standards. While the price is more, they are energy efficient to help lower your energy bills. Where Carrier comes in high with upfront cost, American Standard offers warranties up to 12 years for your products. Regardless of their differences, each company has their strengths and weaknesses. Review both products thoroughly to see what will work best for your home. 

American Standard- Silver Series 2 Ton$3,450
American Standard- Platinum 18$1,980
Carrier- Infinity 20 $5,599
Carrier- Performance 17$4,199

What is the Better Choice?

Carrier seems to be hands down the better option when it comes to buying AC units. This is because of their high SEER rating, low noise when running, and overall high quality. 

Although Carrier seems like the obvious choice, they are expensive. American Standards are more affordable for the average person, but are a little less efficient than Carrier’s. With that being said, American Standard’s are still a solid choice. 

If you are looking to buy a new AC and money is not an issue, Carrier is the best option. They have high upfront costs but are sure to save you on your energy bill each month. 


Choosing an AC unit for your home is a big decision. Each brand has their perks, but they also have their own limitations. Before buying a new unit, make sure you review each product to make sure it will thoroughly cool your home to your preferences. 

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