Are Hurricane Garage Doors Worth It? (Detailed Guide)

Hurricane garage doors are reinforced against extreme weather, and more specifically hurricanes. These doors are used to prevent the high winds of a hurricane from entering the garage and causing destruction to the house.  Hurricane doors are also built sturdier than normal so that they can be hit without suffering too much damage.  

Hurricane garage doors lower your risk of wind and water damage, increase your home security, and are lower maintenance than regular garage doors. They are designed to keep your home safe and to last against extreme weather. They are essential to your home and are worth the cost regardless of where you live.

Extreme weather can cause expensive damage to your home. The garage is the largest entry in your house, which makes it the weakest point in a hurricane. 

In order to face the weather, the garage door should be reinforced against wind pressures and water to keep your home secure. This is where hurricane doors shine.

What Are Hurricane Garage Doors?

Normal garage doors are made from a single layer of steel. They are designed to close off your garage from the elements and seal off an opening to your home. That’s it.

A hurricane garage door, in contrast, is designed with the worst of weather in mind. Hurricane doors typically have several layers of steel paneling and may include other materials and insulation to further reinforce the door. 

Hurricane Garage Doors

A hurricane garage door is designed to withstand hurricane conditions, but it also provides additional security for your home. Hurricane garage doors protect the occupants of the home and stand up to just about anything that is thrown their way.

Why Are Hurricane Garage Doors Important?

If you live in an area that experiences hurricanes, you know just how devastating these storms can be.  According to the National Weather Service, five hurricanes hit the United States coastline in an average 3-year period, and two are major hurricanes.  On average, these hurricanes will cause $20.5 billion of damage.

With these hurricanes comes flooding, making it one of the most devastating natural disasters one can experience.  Hurricane garage doors are designed to keep that destruction to a minimum by preventing wind and water from entering your home. They can help save your property and belongings from extreme weather conditions. 

Advantages of Having Hurricane Garage Doors

With the changing weather conditions every year, it is more important than ever to be prepared for extreme weather. No one can predict when the next major storm will come – it is better to be ready.  And even if you do not live in an area normally affected by hurricanes, hurricane garage doors still provide many advantages. 


Insurance premiums on houses in areas typically affected by hurricanes are higher than the national average.  Over time, this can cost you a lot of money. However, there are different things you can do to lower your risk and drop your premium. 

Installing a hurricane garage door prevents damage due to wind and water. This lowers your risk and can end up saving you on your homeowners’ insurance premiums.

It is also a fact that while home insurance will typically cover damage from high winds, it will not cover water damage. With a hurricane garage door, you can keep that water damage to a minimum.

Prevent Damage

Your hurricane garage door takes the punishment of a storm so that you, your property, and your belongings don’t have to. Since it prevents wind and water from entering your home, damage from a storm is kept to a minimum.

In addition, because it is built with damage from hurricanes in mind, it will prevent the damage normally caused to a garage door during a hurricane. This type of damage may mean that you will have to replace a normal garage door after a storm.  A hurricane door, however, will be better able to weather the damage and will continue functioning after the storm has passed.

Low Maintenance

Because it has to stand up to a storm, a hurricane garage door is built from quality materials. This means that there isn’t much upkeep. That means that time that you would normally have to spend keeping your door tuned up can be spent elsewhere.

Maintenance becomes a breeze with a hurricane garage door. It is much easier to do what needs to be done, and it doesn’t need you to look at it quite as often.

A hurricane garage door is investing not only in safety but in quality. You won’t have to work to maintain it. That also translates to cost savings. 

Increased Security

A hurricane door is tough. If winds and water aren’t breaking in, neither will people.  

Hurricane garage doors carry an additional feature that normal garage doors do not. There are brackets and hinges in place that are resistant to prying. While meant to keep out wind and water, it will also prevent someone from forcing the door open.

This means that if you are away from your house visiting family or simply out on the town, you can rest assured that your home is safe. Knowing that your home is resistant to entry can give you better piece of mind.

Less Maintenance

Regular garage doors require more frequent inspections and maintenance. A hurricane door is designed to stand up against the worst nature has to offer at any time.

You should still be inspecting your hurricane garage door, of course. But when other priorities deny you the chance to check your door, you can relax knowing that your door can go longer than normal without maintenance. 

Less maintenance means that things don’t break down as often, which means fewer service calls. And the best part is that your hurricane garage door is always ready to protect you in the face of a storm.

Local Regulations and Standards

Depending on where you live, your door may be required to meet local standards for wind resistance.  Some areas are stricter than others (such as certain parts of Florida).

If you live in an area that requires a certain level of wind resistance, then a Hurricane door is ideal. In the event of a storm, you don’t have to worry about propping up or barricading your garage door – it will not be necessary.  

A hurricane door is designed with support structures to weather nature’s harshest storms. Having a hurricane-rated door installed will help you meet your local regulations and keep you safer.

Prevent Water Damage

Hurricane-rated garage doors do more than protect from high winds. In the event of a hurricane, extreme rainfall can rapidly cause a flood, which can impact your home.

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), just a single inch of floodwater can cause over $26,000 in damages to your home. And because they are the largest opening in your home, FEMA has identified your garage door as being particularly susceptible to damage from high winds.

If high winds take off your garage door, they can let in a lot of water.  Having a hurricane garage door keeps you from tens of thousands of dollars in damage.

Increased Durability

Hurricane winds will turn any loose object into an airborne missile. If you own a typical garage door, this means that you are at risk for deep dents and gashes even if you have reinforced it against a storm. 

A hurricane garage door is meant to take a hit. And while you can’t predict what the hurricane will throw at your door, it will stand up to damage much better than a normal door will. 

Your hurricane door will take the brunt of the beating in a storm, preventing further damage to the rest of your house and belongings. And when the storm has settled, your door will be in much better shape than a normal garage door.

Keeps Your Door Looking Good Over Time

Weathering the elements is a cinch for a hurricane door. This comes with no paint peeling or warping and fading due to exposure to the sun. The quality of the door materials means that there isn’t much for you to do to keep it looking good. 

You aren’t going to have to sink more money into keeping your door looking good either. It will keep its look long after you install it. 

And the hurricane garage door is built to last. That means that long after you have installed the hurricane garage door, it will still look as good as when you first bought it.


With normal garage doors, reinforcement before a storm requires a bracing kit and some installation of hardware to make sure it is storm ready. However, hurricane garage doors are made storm ready, with no additional bracing required. The bracing is already built in. 

When the storm is coming, you don’t have to work to install anything new.  You don’t have to make readjustments to your system to account for the weight of all the hardware you would have added to your garage door. Hurricane garage doors are ready with reinforcement – all you have to do is set it in place, and it is done.

How To Choose Your Hurricane Garage Door?

There are a variety of hurricane doors on the market. When installing your door, the WindCode and your home’s construction will play an important role in which door you get. Consult with a professional for the best advice for your particular home.


WindCodes describe how much wind a garage door can stand up to. These range from W1 through W9. W1 doors are rated for 90 mph winds, while on the other end W9 withstands up to 150 mph.

When looking at installing a new door, check with state regulations regarding the WindCode. Each state has its standards that will determine the minimum windcode your door can be.   

Most states will specify that the International Building Code (IBC) must be used in home construction, which sets the minimum wind loads for garage doors. California, Florida, Kansas, Missouri, Nevada, and Utah all have special requirements for the garage door WindCode rating. 

Home’s Construction

The type of pressure a building such as your home is exposed to is determined by its structure. The longer or higher a side, the more pressure that wall is subject to.

Wind pressure comes in two varieties: positive and negative. Positive wind pressure is the wind that pushes against something. Negative wind pressure is the opposite – it’s the pressure that is created by the wind blowing air away, giving it a pulling force. 

Regardless of the orientation of your home, during a storm, your garage door is likely to feel both of these pressures. But the way it is facing will determine how much of this pressure the garage door will ‘feel’ during a storm.  

The higher the pressure that it is likely to face, the stronger the garage door should be. When considering the rating of the hurricane door, this should be taken into account so that you are well protected.

DIY Approach: Weatherproofing Your Garage Door Yourself 

It is perfectly possible to weatherproof your existing garage door. If you know that you’re in for a storm, you should!  

You should be aware that weatherproofing your garage door will not be as effective as installing a hurricane-rated garage door. It also is labor-intensive and may limit your ability to use your garage door until after the storm passes.


Bracing your garage door is the most common way to hurricane-proof your door. The braces are made of aluminum or steel and installed in various places around the garage door to keep it supported. 

The braces are installed both vertically and horizontally along your garage door, depending on the type of brace. Once they are installed, they are locked in place.


You can also install hurricane panels, usually made from aluminum or steel, over your garage door. This is an external fix that will not be aesthetically pleasing, but once the storm has passed, you can remove the panels. The drawback to this is that it isn’t always available everywhere.

Garage Springs

With the added weight of reinforcement for your garage door, you should make sure that your garage springs are still in working order. The added weight from braces will make lifting the door more difficult for your motor.  

If you need new springs, you should call a professional. The springs are under high tension and can cause injury if not handled correctly.

Garage Door Reinforcements

Along with installing reinforcing material, you should also inspect your garage door to ensure that it is as secure as possible. Bolt down or replace your garage door track if it is too loose. Check to make sure that there are no missing screws or loose screws. 

Reinforcement kits

You may be able to locate reinforcement kits with all the components you will need to beef up your garage door. These kits are usually inexpensive and will provide you with all the parts you need to reinforce your garage door.

Is DIY Hurricane Garage Door Worth It? 

Is doing your garage door reinforcement worth it? Well, yes – whatever you spend on reinforcing your door is much better than how much it would be to fix the damage if you hadn’t.  

That said, it is a far cry from the protection you would have if you installed a hurricane garage door.  And for all the time and money that you spent adding reinforcements to your garage door, whether it will stand up to the storm all depends on the storm’s strength.

In the end, having a DIY hurricane door is better than nothing, but it is a gamble. The risk is much higher than having an actual hurricane garage door.

Are Hurricane Garage Doors Worth The Investment?

Are you still asking whether a hurricane garage door is worth the investment? Maybe you need more convincing. Let’s go down the list.

A hurricane garage door is convenient. You do not have to add anything to it before a storm or scramble to make sure it’s up to par.  It is always ready to go.

A hurricane garage door is resistant to damage and will stand up to a hurricane. You do not need to worry about replacing it after the storm. The doors are built with the highest quality materials that are meant to take a beating.

A hurricane garage door lowers your insurance premiums. It also stops flood water from getting in, which is typically not covered by your homeowner’s insurance. While a hurricane garage door may cost a little bit more upfront, it will save you money again and again.

A hurricane garage door does not require constant maintenance and upkeep. You don’t have to worry about keeping it up to date or calling a professional to fix it. It is built from quality materials and will continue to look good long after you’ve had it installed.

A hurricane garage door means security. If wind and rain cannot break into your garage, neither can a thief.  Whether you are at home or away, you can have peace of mind that your belongings and property are safe.

Is a hurricane garage door worth the investment? With all of these factors, there can only be one answer: an emphatic YES. 


Regardless of whether you live in a hurricane zone or not, upgrading to a hurricane garage door is worthwhile. A hurricane door lowers the risk posed by extreme weather and gives your property security. 

This type of door is durable, which means that your investment is going to be around for a long time. You will have a garage door that requires less maintenance, and upkeep and one that can go with most garage door openers as well. It will continue to hold its value and will resist the wear of the elements better than ordinary garage doors.

If you are looking at investing in a hurricane garage door, check your state’s building codes. Consult with a professional who can help guide you through the WindCode and structural needs of your home.  

Don’t wait until the next storm before thinking about buying a hurricane garage door. The best time to mitigate the disastrous effects of extreme weather is now. Invest in the security of your future today.

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