Braeburn Thermostat Not Working or Cooling (How To Fix It Quickly)

We’ve all been there. The thermostat randomly stops working. It can be frustrating on a hot day when your thermostat decides to not work. Don’t worry though, Braeburn thermostats are easy to troubleshoot. 

Problems can range from the wrong settings, using the wrong wires, and the wrong batteries, to a dirty A/C unit. To fix your thermostat quickly you need. Check which thermostat you have. Check settings. Restart your thermostat if possible. Check wifi connectivity.

There are a lot of quick fixes that you can try. Take safety precautions and let’s begin to troubleshoot your Braeburn.

Types of Braeburn Thermostats 

As mentioned above, the types of thermostats that Braeburn sells are BlueLink, touchscreen, programmable, non-programable, and mechanical. BlueLink is their most technologically advanced thermostat and a mechanical one is their simplest. Most people will have an analog, smart, or programable thermostat in their homes.

Analog Display

An analog display is the most basic form of the thermostat. Braeburn’s equivalent thermostat to an analog display would be their mechanical thermostat. These thermostats use two bimetallic strips. They open to let electricity through when you turn on your thermostat. This allows for the thermostat to either tell your furnace or HVAC system to power up.

Analog Display
Analog Display

Most homes do not have analog display thermostats but apartments with wall heaters usually do. If you have an analog display thermostat that is not working it is more difficult to fix. There are no settings like on a smart or programmable thermostat to toggle though or check. 

Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are the newest and more technologically advanced types of thermostats. They can be programmed from your phone and help you save on your utility bill. They are easy to troubleshoot because most tell you what the issue is so you don’t have to look. Smart thermostats last the longest and it is unlikely to run into issues.

Smart Thermostat
Smart Thermostat

The Braeburn equivalent of a smart thermostat is their BlueLink thermostat. BlueLink thermostats are high-tech and connect to your phone. They still have the thermostat look unlike a lot of newer smart thermostats. They can run with batteries or you can hardwire them. 

Programmable Thermostat 

Programmable thermostats are easy to use and cost-effective. They don’t connect to your phone but they have great functions. You can set the times at which you want the A/C or heater to run. You can troubleshoot them easily but they do not tell you what is wrong if there is an issue like smart thermostats do.

Programmable Thermostat 
Programmable Thermostat 

Braeburn offers three series of programmable thermostats. There is the economy, builder, and premier. Premier is the most advanced out of the three and allows for multiple units to be connected to them. Such as the Braeburn programable thermostat 5220 premier, which allows you to have 3 heat outputs and two cooling outputs.

Possible Fixes for Not Cooling or Heating Braeburn Thermostat 

It is frustrating when your thermostat is not cooling or heating. Thermostats sometimes can act weird or not work properly. This does not mean that you have to go out and buy a new one. There are various ways that you can troubleshoot and fix your thermostat. These solutions are quick and anyone can do them.

Reset Your Thermometer

To reset your thermostat you should start by pressing the systems button. This button allows you to toggle between heat and cool. If you are trying to get heat then you should go to heat. Pick a temperature that is higher than the room temperature. Press on and wait a few minutes to see if turns on.

Resetting thermostat

You will want to do the same with the cooling settings. Toggle to cool and set the temperature lower than the one in the room. Press on and wait a few minutes to see if turns on.

You do not need any tools for this job as all you will be doing is toggling through certain parts of the thermostat.

Check the Settings

Another quick fix is checking the settings on your thermostat. Especially on programable thermostats. The time and date must be correct for the thermostat to turn on your heat or A/C when you want it to.

Checking the Setting of date and time

If you have a specific time programmed and it is the wrong date and time the thermostat will not turn on. You can also check to see if the fan is set to on. Sometimes when the fan is set to auto it will not turn on. 

Wires are not Connected

Wires in your thermostat may have become loose or disconnected. When dealing with wires you need to turn off your electricity to the thermostat to prevent yourself from getting shocked. Dealing with wires is a more intense process but you can do simple checks. 

Connected Wires

Undo the panel to your thermostat and check to see if any wires are loose. If they are connect them back in. A more advanced technique would be to use a digital electrical tester. You just need to touch the tip of the tester to where the wire connects. The tester will tell you if there is connectivity.

The Wire is not Compatible

There are specific wires that you must use when installing your Braeburn thermostat. If you use the wrong ones then the wires won’t connect properly. There are several wires from your output and input that you would need to check. 

The wires that you can check are the ones connected directly to your thermostat. Read the thermostat manual and match the colors or letters to the proper ones.

You may have to call a professional or the professionals who put in the wrong wire to fix the issues. 

Change the Batteries

Changing the batteries in a Braeburn thermostat (or any for that matter) is easy. You can change the batteries by first taking the thermostat off the wall. Then you need to open the back of the thermostat. Do this using a basic screwdriver.

Batteries on Thermostat

Once the back of the thermostat is off you can replace the batteries. The batteries are AAA batteries that can be found at any store. Take the old ones out and dispose of them properly. After that add in the new ones the same way the old batteries were put in. Screw the back panel in and place it back on the wall.

Changing your batteries regularly will save you from many hassles possibly related to your thermostat, such as a blank screen or buttons not working.

The thermostat is in the Incorrect Location 

It is possible that you installed your thermostat in a bad location. Thermostats only heat or cool to the temperature in the room. If your thermostat is installed in a cool or hot area of your home then it will not cool or heat properly. 

Your thermostat may also be placed in a part of your home where the temperature fluctuates too much. Areas like the laundry room or kitchen are not good places to have your thermostat.

To fix this you may have to reinstall your thermostat in a different part of your home. You could set your temperature higher or lower as well but this could cause your utility bill to increase.

Test the Circuit Breaker

Test your circuit breaker with a multimeter. The breaker could have gone out on accident causing your thermostat to not work. Find the switch that is connected to your thermostat and flip it off and on. Wait a few seconds to see if it works.

Testing the circuit breaker

If restated the breaker doesn’t work then take off the panel with a screwdriver and check the connections with a multimeter. If there is no connectivity you should replace to wirings or call a professional.

Clean the AC Unit

Regular maintenance of your A/C unit is important because it improves the longevity of the unit. 

AC Unit Cleaning

Your thermostat may not be working because your A/C unit is dirty. Clean the A/C unit by replacing filters in the vents, hosing down the outside unit, and checking the piping. Make sure there is no shrubbery overcrowded the A/C unit.

When to Call a Professional

You should call a professional to help you with your Braeburn Thermostat when you have tried all the fixes you can reasonably do. Dealing with wiring or electricity can be dangerous. If have no experience with wiring or replacements you should let someone else handle it.

Depending on the extent of the issue with your thermostat, prices may vary from $100 to as much as $500.


It is frustrating when your thermostat is not working. However, there are various ways to fix the problem. Follow the possible solutions this article provides and you will get your thermostat working in no time.

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