Elongated vs. Round Toilets (Pros, Cons, Dimensions & Pricing)

If you’re remodeling your bathroom, you should know that toilets are an important part of any bathroom design. Depending on your specific need, you’ll have many points to consider when choosing the type of toilet that best suits your bathroom. Toilets come in two styles, elongated or round, and while they may perform the same function, differ in other ways. 

When making your decision on what toilet you should purchase for your home, we recommend going with an elongated toilet. Elongated toilets can fit in almost any standard-sized bathroom. They are long in length, budget-friendly, and have a larger surface, making them ideal for adults and those with mobility issues. 

Elongated vs. Round Toilets

Elongated and round toilets both have their benefits and downsides, so we know these are important facts to know when deciding on what model you should purchase. In hopes of making your choice a bit easier, we’re going to compare elongated and round toilets by appearance, space, maintenance, efficiency, installation, and cost

What is an Elongated Toilet?

If you’ve been looking to purchase a new toilet or replace your old one, the shape is one factor that you’ll want to take into consideration. Elongated-shaped toilets have become more and more popular among homeowners. Elongated toilets are oval-shaped with a modern design that is great for both residential and commercial buildings.

If you’re seeking a comfort toilet, elongated toilets are a great choice because they provide more surface area for users and are quite comfortable. These toilets are also easier to get off, so if you have small children or anyone with a disability in your home, these would be ideal. The extra couple of inches that are given in your bathroom due to this toilet creates an easier environment if someone in your home has mobility issues. 

Elongated Toilet
Elongated Toilet

Don’t worry, Mom, in addition to comfort, elongated toilets are far easier to clean than your traditional-style toilet. The backside of its interior comes with a smaller lip, which means fewer bacteria buildup. If you have small children then you already know how cleaning a bathroom can be, especially the toilet area.

Before you make your purchase, you should know that there are benefits and downsides to having an elongated toilet. We’re going to dive into some of the benefits and downsides of elongated toilets as you continue to read below.

Benefits of an Elongated Toilet

When designing your bathroom, you know that your toilet is a key part of the design. Factors such as the size of your bathroom and your wanted aesthetic are both things you’ll need to take into consideration when picking one out. But what are the actual benefits of an elongated toilet?

First, elongated toilets will help give your bathroom a modern look to make it more appealing. This will aid in providing a beautiful aesthetic to your home. Next, elongated toilets have a lower chance of clogging.

Elongated Toilet Modern Look

If you have small children, you know this is a non-negotiable to have when toilets are considered. Finally, elongated toilets are far easier to clean and require less maintenance overall. If you have a big family, then you know this will cut down on the amount of cleaning you need to do, especially with small boys.

Downsides of an Elongated Toilet

Buying a toilet for your bathroom is a long-term investment, so you want to make sure you choose the right one. Before settling, you’ll want to weigh the pros and cons, as toilets for adults are not the same as a toilet for a kid. But what are the actual downsides of an elongated toilet?

Child on Elongated Toilet

Elongated toilets are less comfortable for smaller children. This is mainly because the surface area is larger, which could make it harder for your child to fit comfortably. Next, if you’re on a budget, you may want to avoid elongated toilets as they are more expensive than other models.

Lastly, if you’re remodeling a small bathroom in your home, you may want to go with a different option. Elongated toilets are larger so they take up more space, whereas a round toilet might be a better choice for a smaller bathroom.

What is a Round Toilet?

When choosing your toilet, you should know that toilets do not come in the same size, form, or shape. Round toilets are round like a circle and ideal for smaller bathrooms. We would recommend round toilets for smaller children as often at times they feel like they’re going to fall in when they sit down.

Round Toilet

You may have noticed when you moved into your home that you have an elongated toilet installed. This is because it’s harder to make round toilets fit a specific theme. If you have a bathroom renovation planned in the future, depending on the theme, you may want to consider a round toilet. 

Before you make your purchase, you should know that there are benefits and downsides to having a round toilet. We’re going to dive into some of the benefits and downsides of round toilets as you continue to read below. 

Benefits of a Round Toilet

When designing the theme of your bathroom, depending on what you choose, round toilets can be a perfect addition. But what are the actual benefits of round toilets? If you have a smaller toilet and you’re looking for something that fits comfortably, round toilets would be your best choice.

Round Toilet Benefits

If your home has a bathroom that is connected to a child’s room, we recommend having a round toilet installed because of the smaller seat. Round toilets would also be better for smaller adults as they have a smaller surface area when compared to elongated toilets.

When it comes to price, if you’re on a budget, you’ll want to choose a round toilet which averages around $280. This price is slightly lower when compared to an elongated toilet. 

Downsides of a Round Toilet

As with all things, round toilets have many benefits as well as downsides. So what are the downsides of a round toilet, you ask? For starters, round toilets are less comfortable, so even if they are ideal for small kids, they still may not like them due to their comfort level.

Round Toilet Bowl

Next, round toilets are much harder to clean. You know if you’re a larger family that this could make or break your decision, especially with how often you need to clean a bathroom when children are involved. Round toilets are smaller crevices which makes it easier for bacteria and gunk to build up.

Lastly, round toilets are decreasing in popularity. When you bought your home, you may have noticed that it came with an elongated toilet. This is because round toilets are harder to match with certain themes of bathrooms, so contractors play it safe and use elongated toilets.

Product Comparison

When it comes to comparing elongated toilets and round toilets, you’ll need to look at all of the factors involved. When making your decision, you should focus on the appearance, space, general maintenance, efficiency and power, installation, and costs. We are going to cover these key factors and include comparison charts of each toilet to better assist you in making your decision.


When you’re trying to distinguish between elongated toilets and round toilets, one thing that will stand out is its shape. Round toilets, as their name implies, have a round-shaped bowl. Elongated toilets have oval-shaped bowls.

If you’re seeking a smaller bowl, an elongated toilet would be your best choice as it measures around 18 ½ inches. If you’re seeking a bowl that is smaller, round toilets would be your best choice as it measures around 16 ½ inches.

Elongated toilets also have a smaller width, while their bowl size is longer, which makes them less ideal for smaller bathrooms. A round toilet will appear as a true circle, with no sharp edges and the same length and width. With no sharp edges, round toilets would be a better choice if you have children. 

Project Source: MT-802Pro Elongated Toilet $109.00
Kohler: K-78276-0 Elongated Toilet $219.00
American Standard: #734AA101.020 Elongated Toilet $169.00
Toto: Drake Cotton MS776124CEG-01 Elongated Toilet$407.01
Kohler: Cimarron #31658-0 Elongated Toilet$249.00
Kohler: #K-30369-0 Round Toilet $199.00
Project Source: #MT-20202RP Round Toilet $129.00
American Standard: #731BA001.020 Round Toilet $189.00
Kohler: Cimarron #31678-0 Round Toilet $269.00


Previously you’ve read how elongated toilets and round toilets differ in appearance. When it comes to space, elongated toilets are a little longer than round toilets. For the front area of the toilets, your toilet will need to be 48 inches.

If you’re planning to purchase an elongated toilet, you should know that these are not ideal for smaller bathrooms as they have a longer length. Round toilets would be a perfect addition to a smaller bathroom, such as a child’s room. 

American Standard: Edgemere #765AA701.020 Elongated Toilet $318.00
American Standard: Esteem Vormex #717AA101S.020 Elongated Toilet $249.00
Kohler: Transpose #46018-0 Elongated Toilet $349.00
Kohler: Highline #K25224-0 Elongated Toilet $417.79
American Standard: Champion #2793.128NT.020 Elongated Toilet $199.00
Kohler: Cimarron #31668-0 Round Toilet $269.00
Toto: Drake #CST775CEFRG-01 Round Toilet $324.12
American Standard: Cadet #270BBA001.020 Round Toilet $309.88
Toto: Drake Sedona #CST775CSFG-12 Round Toilet $469.00

General Maintenance

When it comes to toilets, you probably want a style that is less maintenance and something easier to clean. You want a toilet that you don’t have to clean after each use, especially after large groups of people or small children. Elongated toilets are much easier to clean because they have fewer small crevices. 

Over the last decade, more and more people prefer elongated toilets since they are more convenient than round toilets. Elongated toilets are much easier to use. This is why you will see elongated toilets in residential areas, whereas rounded toilets are installed in commercial buildings.

Glacier Bay #N2316 Elongated Toilet $119.00
American Standard: Cadet 3 FloWise #3378.128ST.020 Elongated Toilet $179.00
Glacier Bay: Power Flush #N2450E Elongated Toilet $179.00
Delta: Foundations #C43913-WH Elongated Toilet $159.00
Kohler: Cimarron #-31648-0 Elongated Toilet $299.00
Glacier Bay: #N2428RB/N2428T Round Toilet $109.00
Kohler: Highline Arc #K-78253-0 Round Toilet $219.00
Kohler: Wellworth Classic #K-11464-0 Round Toilet $179.00
American Standard: Reliant #3332128S.020 Round Toilet $149.00
Glacier Bay: #2428R-DF Round Toilet $109.00

Efficiency and Power

When choosing between an elongated toilet and round toilet, you should keep in mind that many manufacturers will use unique features to keep their toilets popular among consumers. One of the most important things to consider when making your purchase is the efficiency and power of the flush. Now I know you’re probably curious, but why does the efficiency of a flush matter when you’re choosing between the shape of a toilet?

What you may not know is if the flushing capabilities operate on different performance levels. You can either have a pressure-assisted or cyclone flush. If you have either of these options, elongated toilets would be a great choice.

Round toilets also have these flushing capabilities. The one difference is that elongated toilets have better water circulation as the pressure evens out. 

American Standard: Cadet 3 FloWise #3378.128ST.020 Elongated Toilet $179.00
American Standard: Champion Tall #747AA107SC.020 Elongated Toilet $229.00
Kohler: Highline #K-22661-0 Elongated Toilet $302.25
Kohler: Memoirs Comfort #4380-0 Elongated Toilet $214.69
American Standard: Optum VorMax #707AA101.020 Elongated Toilet $299.00
Delta: Foundations #C41913-WH Round Toilet $149.00
Glacier Bay: 10 in Rough-In 2 Piece #N2428R-10 Round Toilet $189.00
American Standard: Cadet #3377128ST.020 Round Toilet $159.00
Glacier Bay: 1 Piece #N2420R-SF Round Toilet$259.00
American Standard: Cadet Tall #3376128ST.020 Round Toilet $269.00


If you’re wondering about installation, you won’t need to stress. Elongated and Round toilets are both installed the same way. When you’re installing your toilet, you’ll connect it to the water supply and the trap way, which then connects to the sewer. 

The only difference between the two is that Elongated Toilets will be on the heavier side since they are larger. Other than that, the installation process is the same for both.

Glacier Bay: Havenstone #GBTO203 Elongated Toilet $229.00
American Standard: Cadet Everclean Pressure-Assisted #3483.001.020 Elongated Toilet $159.00
Kohler: San Souci #K-5172-RA-0 Elongated Toilet $786.00
Kohler: Tresham #K-3981-0 Elongated Toilet $958.50
Whitehaus Collection: Magic Flush #WHMFL3222-EB Elongated Toilet $456.20
Kohler: San Souci #K-4007-58 Round Toilet $1,007.83
Swiss Madison: Calice #SM-WT465MB Round Toilet $396.65
Toolkiss: Dual Flush #W54335316-21S0901-GW Round Toilet $478.26
American Standard: Baby Devoro #3128.001.020 Round Toilet $108.16
American Standard: Champion 4 Max #231BA104.020 Round Toilet $369.00


If you’re on a budget, we understand being educated on the pricing of elongated and round toilets is important. While there are high prices for both types, round toilets are more cost-friendly when compared to elongated toilets. The material used on the toilet is a factor in its pricing, no matter what the brand is.

You’ll be able to find a round toilet with two pieces for up to $350. Some models may even be higher depending on the features. For elongated toilets, you’ll find most models being priced up to $400, sometimes higher depending on their features.

American Standard: Champion 4 High-Efficiency #3395A.001.020 Elongated Toilet $184.60
Swiss Madison: Concorde #SM-WT555 Elongated Toilet $215.65
Signature Hardware: Milazzo #447387 Elongated Toilet $379.00
Toto: Ultramax #CST474CUFRG-01 Elongated Toilet $747.47
Toto: Vespin II #CST474CUFRG-01 Elongated Toilet $595.00
Sterling: Valtom Bowl Only #403377-0 Round Toilet $117.00
Kohler: Highline Bowl Only #K-5393-7 Round Toilet $320.85
Kohler: San Souci Single Flush #K-4007-96 Round Toilet $875.70
Glacier Bay: Designer 2 Piece #N2430RB Round Toilet $103.80
Saniflo: Single Flush #083.005 Round Toilet $569.00


In conclusion, choosing what type of toilet is suitable for your home all boils down to your personal needs. If you have a family member with mobility issues, you should opt for an elongated toilet. If your space is limited or you have small children, you should opt for a round toilet which is smaller in size.

Tip: If you’re struggling with choosing a toilet that suits the layout of your home, you can call your local plumber to help you determine the accurate size of your layout. 

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