Can You Combine Metal Roof and Asphalt Shingle Roof?

Unless you are a roofing contractor, chances are you don’t know much about roofing and what to choose. And why do we have to choose one material anyways? Metal roofs are affordable as single panels joined together. But they are noisy. Asphalt shingle roofs are incredibly common but are not always the most durable. 

So, dip into the best of both worlds by doing a combo roof made out of metal and asphalt shingles. You can get the curb appeal that the combo brings and also cut down on expenses by using asphalt. It will be durable and not too noisy when you use both.

But there is a lot more that goes into it than just that. Knowing what the risk for reward is when combing metal and asphalt roofs are important. It also makes more sense for certain environments than others. That’s why we covered it in this ultimate guide. 

Why Would You Want To Combine Metal and Asphalt Roofs? 

The most common reason to combine a metal and asphalt roof is to save money. But it also adds a few construct design ideas that make sense for beauty enhancement as well as addressing older areas of the roof individually if need be. Let’s break it down individually. 

  1. Money Split – Metal roofing is a lot more expensive than asphalt shingles. This is why asphalt roofing is so common. You can have a high-quality roof for a better price when you go half and half. 
  1. When you use both, you can create an expensive layered look that has a functional use and also a curb appeal. Single-material roofing is great, but it’s a standard look. Multi-materials give off design. 
  1. Sometimes roofs get patchwork done. You can tackle one area and leave the newer areas alone when you use a combination of metal and asphalt shingles. This can also save money because you don’t have to do the entire roof at once. 

It’s a nontraditional approach, but more people are considering because of their benefits. Now whether you can actually combine metal and asphalt is another story. You will need a professional who knows how to do this to avoid issues. 

Can You Combine Metal and Asphalt Roofs?

You can, in fact, combine metal and asphalt roofs to create the perfect roof in terms of functionality and beauty. There are some areas that make sense where you would add metal roofing as an addition to the asphalt shingles. For instance, you may see metal roofing over the front and side porches on a lower level of the home. 

Combining metal and asphalt roofs to create the perfect roof in terms of functionality and beauty

Other areas that make a lot of sense from an accent point of your is combining and using metal over bay windows. This becomes a focal point for the roofing, which is why the metal addition can look so great here. 

It comes down to the type of contractor or roofing company you are working with and whether they are comfortable installing a combination. The installation processes are different, so they’ll need to be experienced in both methods. 

What To Know About Combining Metal and Asphalt Roofs 

It’s important to know the quick hits about combining metal and asphalt. For instance, your metal will outlive the asphalt. And because it’s of higher quality, it will also fall under a different warranty. In turn, it will cost more but will provide more value to your home. 

Metal Will Last Longer Than Asphalt 

Metal is a more durable material than asphalt shingles. And the way that the roofing is put on makes a major difference. Metal has interlocking panels that hold tight together. Shingles are laid on top of each other and layered. This provides a lot of opportunities for them to be lifted in certain weather conditions. 

Metal is a more durable material than asphalt shingles.

Roofing is expensive, so you want it to last as long as possible before you have to replace it. That’s why metal becomes a great choice, even if you can only afford to have just some of it. You will only need to replace the parts of the roof that have shingles at a faster rate than the metal. 

It may be an investment at first, but it is worth making if you have the opportunity. Ultimately the more metal you have, the better quality roof you have. 

Metal Roofing Has a Different Warranty 

Because metal roofing is ultimately better quality and will last longer, the warrant is going to be different than the asphalt shingles. You will find that most metal warranties will be much longer than asphalt shingle warranties. The industry’s strongest warranties go for up to 50 years which is an incredible bargain. 

You are most likely to see an asphalt roof have a guarantee of 10-20 years, with most companies falling somewhere around $15 years.

If your warranty falls on the lower spectrum of years and you have to replace it three times in the span of which you would have done it once with metal, it doesn’t make much sense to use asphalt. In this case, this is great news for anyone looking to add metal because it will save money in the long run. 

Adding Metal Roofing Increases the Cost of Repairs 

Metal roofing is more expensive than asphalt shingles. It may take a different level of expertise to install, which means it’s just as expensive to do any repairs to the metal as it is to install it now. This is one reason that may push customers into the arms of getting an asphalt roof because the repairs are cheaper. 

Something to keep in mind is that repairs are much less likely to happen with metal parts of a roof than they are with shingles, thanks to their durability. It’s somewhat of a nuance. This is ultimately why a combination becomes appealing because it is a well-rounded answer to all the pros and cons of choosing one option over the other. 

Ultimately choosing a reputable company if you are going to use metal roofing can be the make or break to needing repairs or not. Go with an experienced roofing contractor to minimize future costs. 

Metal Roofing Increases Your Home Value  

Metal roofing increases the value of your home thanks to its durability. When someone can rely on the roof lasting longer, it’s an expense they won’t have to incur if you plan to sell your home. This is why there is a direct correlation to you having to pay more for it to be installed, but you also get a return out of it and a lengthy warranty. 

This is something that the buyer needs to talk about in the early stages with the roofing contractor. If they don’t offer a great warranty and their product is not of high quality, you are looking at potentially no home value. 

In some cases, some homeowners have reported spending $30,000 on a new metal roof but only adding $15,000 in value to their home. This is because the company probably overpriced the roof. This is why again, it’s crucial to work with someone reputable. 

Does Metal and Shingle Roofing Look Good Together? 

Metal and shingle roofing can look very good together, but it can also go horribly wrong if your housing color scheme doesn’t work out. Someone who knows how to do the job right can add some eye candy to your house. But with anything, there are a few different things to consider in terms of design. Let’s see. 

  • The house’s shingle portion will most likely come in a darker color without many options for variation. This means your metal can be a contrast in shade or even a completely different color as long as it adds to the pattern. For instance, a dark green metal looks great with a dark grey shingle. 
  • Metal is a different design on its own compared to shingles. That’s why it can look good in certain areas, as mentioned. It serves to be an accent as much as it does to be a functional piece. 
  • Multilevel roofs make the most sense for this kind of design because it breaks things up. A one-level roof may look a little more like a patchwork than a design piece. 

So if you wanted to do something like this, what kind of money are you in for? Well, let’s find out just how bad the damage is. 

What’s the Cost of a Metal and Asphalt Combination Roof? 

When it comes to the cost of a metal and asphalt combination roof, you have to individually calculate what each area are metal and what areas are asphalt. Let’s break down both. 

  • A standard 3,000-square-foot roof for asphalt shingles ranges between $5,550 to $16,500. When you break this down to per square foot, it comes in around $1.75 to $5.50. Per square for shingles, this is $175 to $550. 
  • For metal roofing, you can expect to pay somewhere between $75 to $1500 per square or per 100 square feet. Metals range from tin to steel and other materials 
Types of RoofPer Square (100 Feet)Lifespan
Asphalt Shingles$175 to $55020 to 50 years
Metal$75 to $150030 to 40 years
Clay Tiles$50 to $10050 to 100 years
Solar Tiles$1,100 to $2,60020 to 40 years

There are tons of options when it comes roofs. Depending on the climate you live in will also make an impact on the roofing choice you end up with. If you were to do half the roof in metal and asphalt shingles then you would take half their costs and add them together. 

How Can You Find a Contractor That Installs Metal and Asphalt Roofs? 

If a contractor does not advertise directly on their website that they install a combination of metal and asphalt roofs, you may need to do some cold calling. Some companies may offer to do one or the other, but that means they know how to install both kinds of roofing. You can generally work out a price to get it done.

It’s also good to go with high-quality companies in this case because it’s an investment you don’t want to try and cheap out on. Some companies under this category may offer customized roofing which is exactly what you are looking for. 

Make sure to get a breakdown of the materials and what it costs for installation per hour as well to get accurate pricing. 

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