Exploring LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Types: Choosing the Right

LiftMaster is the number one company that offers residential garage door openers. They are the top-rated company that is sought-after by customers when it comes to top-quality products. Their residential garage door openers provide smart technology capability, safety, security, and convenience. 

LiftMaster offers chain drives, belt drives, wall-mount drives, and smart garage door openers. You can find their 8365W-267 Chain Drive priced at around $274. One of their more popular models, but on the more expensive side, you’ll be able to find their jackshaft 8500W model, which is priced at $600.

LiftMaster provides some of the best garage door openers for residential areas that come with high-quality features and accessories. They offer the latest technology, are reasonably priced, and come with a limited warranty. LiftMaster garage door openers are reliable, durable, and provide top security to ensure the safety of your home. 

LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Models And Features

One of the most popular Liftmaster garage door opener models is the 84505R Secure View Ultra-Quiet Belt Drive Smart Opener. This model in particular has a 4-star rating and comes with several features. Among its features, it has a built-in camera that adds video and audio communications.

If your power is out, it comes with a battery backup that will still allow your opener to operate. It also comes with a 360 light ring to light up your garage in every corner. A second popular model is the 8365W-267 ½ HP AC Chain Drive Wifi Garage Door Opener.

This model has built-in wifi so you can operate it from your MyQ app on your smartphone. It also has a chain drive and keyless entry system with an extra remote. A third popular Lift Master model is the 87504-267 Secure View Ultra-Quiet Belt Drive Smart Opener with Camera, LED Corner-to-Corner Lighting, and Battery Backup.

Some of the features of this model include an integrated camera with HD quality, two-way audio, and live-streaming storage. In addition, it also has people detection, access alerts, smooth start, DC backup, and safety sensors. This model also has built-in wifi and can sync with your smartphone.

What Type Of Garage Door Openers Does LiftMaster Offer?

The different kinds of garage door openers that LiftMaster provides are chain garage door openers, belt garage door openers, and Jackshaft garage door openers. These garage door openers have sleek and contemporary designs that will make your home more functional and add one-of-a-kind smart features to the garages of busy homeowners.

Chain Garage Door Openers

Chain garage door openers are distinguished by using a chain to open the garage door. Chain options are more affordable usually and very popular in availability. With chain garage door openers, gears and metal pieces work together to open the garage.

Chain Garage Door Openers
Chain Garage Door Openers

LiftMaster offers several chain garage door models to its customers. Some of these models include the Heavy Duty Smart Opener, DC Chain Drive Wi-Fi, ½ HP AC Chain Drive, and ¾ HP AC Chain Drive Wi-Fi. Even though chain drives are affordable, they are not long-lasting because parts get worn down from friction.

Belt Garage Door Openers

Belt garage door openers operate just like the name suggests. The garage door opener will use a rubber belt to open the door. The door is told to open or close, and the rubber belt will slide to perform the action.

Jackshaft belt garage door openers use minimum noise, are durable and can handle the substantial weight, and are easy maintenance. LiftMaster offers several belt garage door opener models to its customers. 

Belt Garage Door Openers
Belt Garage Door Openers

Some of these models include the Ultra Quiet Belt Drive Smart Opener, ½ HP AC Belt Drive Wi-Fi, and the Secure View Ultra Quiet Belt Drive Smart Opener with Camera, LED Corner-to-Corner Lighting, and Battery Backup. These models are silent, durable, and perfect for attached garages.

Jackshaft Garage Door Openers

A garage door opener is a door opener that is mounted on the wall and is installed on the side rather than overhead. Since Jackshafts are installed on the side they are perfect for garages with high ceiling designs for extra storage space. To have a Jackshaft door opener, you must have an electrical outlet within 6 feet of the opener.

Jackshaft Garage Door Openers
Jackshaft Garage Door Openers

LiftMaster offers many Jackshaft garage door opener models to its customers. Some of these models include the 8500W DC Battery Backup Wall Mount Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener and the 8500 DC Battery Backup Capable Wall Mount Garage Door Opener.  

How Much Does A Garage Door Opener From LiftMaster Cost?

The average price of a LiftMaster garage door opener is around $380 for the most popular models. Their garage door models will cost you anywhere between $200-$600. If you’re looking to purchase a cheaper model, you’d be better off going with a chain garage door opener.

At the Sears Department store, you can find the LiftMaster 3255 Contractor series for around $290. On Amazon, you can find the LiftMaster 8365W for around $270. If you’re looking for a pricier garage door opener, jackshaft garage door openers are more in price. 

On Amazon, the LiftMaster Jackshaft 8500W will cost you $600. Another expensive Jackshaft model is the LiftMaster 8500 Elite Series, costing $490. Jackshaft garage door openers will cost you around $150 more than your standard garage door opener.

A reason for this being a little more expensive is because it’s near silent, giving off less noise because of fewer moving parts. It also has more features such as battery backups, wifi connections, LED lighting, and more.

A Jackshaft garage door opener is also more expensive because it has a more modern look than your standard opener. With all of its features that would make it able to connect to your smartphone app, this would be a given that the price would be higher than other models.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A LiftMaster Garage Door Opener?

There are many benefits of using a LiftMaster garage door opener which include the latest technology, superior safety features, reliability, easy mounting, and quiet operation. LiftMaster garage door openers are made better than other brands and are a customer favorite. With top-notch features that are easy to control right from your smartphone, it’s easy to see why LiftMaster would be a favorite.

Throughout the United States, contractors have made LiftMaster their go-to garage door opener company, and is one of the most popular in the market. Their wide selection of models with outstanding benefits has made them a sought-after brand for homes. 

Latest Technology

The LiftMaster MyQ technology is a wireless technology that helps you monitor and control your garage door opener using your smartphone. Using this technology on your smartphone, you’ll be able to see when your garage door is open or closed. You’ll also be able to receive alerts such as any door activity.

The MyQ technology connects to your garage door opener and the sensors and connects it to your wifi. This connectivity will allow you to operate and control your garage while using the MyQ app. You can use the MyQ technology with just about any garage door opener and is integrated into its newer models.

Superior Safety Features

As a company, safety is the number one priority of LiftMaster. LiftMaster prides itself on ensuring the safety of its customers and their families. LiftMaster has a safety score of 550+ and qualifies in meeting safety standards for their garage door openers.

LiftMaster is ranked as number one its their garage door openers due to their available safety features. With wifi connections and smartphone capabilities, you can connect your garage door opener directly to your smartphone even when you’re miles away. LiftMaster’s signature security feature is Security+ 2.0.

Security+ 2.0 will safeguard your garage access and send a new code to your garage opener with every push of a button. When it comes to customer reviews, customers are more concerned about safety the most.


With LiftMaster, reliability, and efficiency are the key focus and one of its most important redeemable qualities. LiftMaster continues to develop unique designs using high-quality products for its customers, even 45 years later. While continuing to develop unique designs, has earned the company a rock-solid reputation among its customers.

All LiftMaster models will come with a battery backup so you won’t need to stress about getting stuck in your garage. Their motor settings set them apart from other companies that offer garage door openers. In addition, LiftMaster also exceeds customer satisfaction, with less noise, increased speeds, and most of all, its safety.

Mounting is Easy

LiftMaster garage door openers are designed with the user in mind and are easy to mount. These garage door openers are designed to mount on the wall next to the door for easy installation and can work with different types of garage doors. With installation this easy, it also frees up a lot of overhead space when opening your door.

With wall mounting, this allows more possibilities that will maximize your overhead garage space. LiftMaster wall-mounted garage door openers go above and beyond and even accommodate customers who have low ceilings. With installation being a breeze, you will have your garage door opener up and running in no time!

Quiet Operation

LiftMaster designs garage door openers that are among the quietest on the market. Their garage door openers reduce vibrations and assist in eliminating noise with their wall mount or belt motors. Their openers are near silent, run smoothly, are durable, and offer peace throughout your home.

To keep the springs on your garage door opener running smoothly, you’ll want to spray them with a lubricator. A lubricator such as WD-40 would be one of the best sprays to use on your springs. You’ll want to spray your springs at least twice a year for them to continue to run smoothly. 

What Are The Most Advanced Openers Available At LiftMaster

The most advanced openers available at LiftMaster are Wall Mount Openers, Belt Drive Openers, Chain Drive Openers, and Smart Openers. These openers are very strong, virtually silent, and versatile. To keep your home running smoothly, you’ll be able to choose from some of the best home and security features.

To LiftMaster customers, connectivity and safety are two features that mean the most in their purchase. LiftMaster Wall Mount openers have some of the best home and security features available with their MyQ app. They also provide you with a security code and safety sensors so you can feel confident in your safety.

Wall Mount Openers

A LiftMaster wall-mount opener is securely installed on the wall next to your garage door. Wall mount openers provide the most space and provide more opportunities for you to make the most out of the space you have in your garage. A couple of their key features are noise reduction and vibration.

Wall Mount Openers
Wall Mount Openers

One of their main features is home connectivity where you can easily connect your home network with built-in wifi. The MyQ app makes for easy connectivity to your smartphone. In addition to added ceiling space, you’ll also have battery backup if your power ever goes out during bad weather.

Belt Drive Openers

LiftMaster Belt Drive garage door openers are built strong and virtually silent, making them a sought-after option among customers who have attached garages. Their belt drives have an ultra-quiet motor and strong belt that will provide a comfortable space in your home. Just like their wall mount option, they also come with a battery backup just in case your power goes out.

Belt Drive Openers
Belt Drive Openers

LiftMaster belt drive openers have an integrated camera that has a night vision auto-adjustment that will help you spot anything in your garage. In addition to these features, they have people detection, rich notifications, access alerts, and video storage plans that allow you to download and save video clips.

Chain Drive Openers

LiftMaster Chain Drive garage door openers are rated the top in reliability, are powerful, and are built to handle heavy doors with their chain parts. Their heavy-duty chains will lift even the heaviest of garage doors. In addition to living heavy doors, they can also list in high-wind areas with their battery backup chain drive motor.

Chain drive garage door openers run smoothly and will extend your hardware life to reduce the amount of required maintenance with their start and stop features. 

Chain Drive Openers
Chain Drive Openers

They also have safety sensors to stop the door if there is an obstruction and have automatic garage door locks.

Smart Openers

LiftMaster Smart Openers will allow you to control your garage door opener from virtually anywhere using your smartphone and the MyQ app. The smart garage openers also have in-garage deliveries that are secure and available for Amazon Prime packages. This feature is called Key by Amazon and varies with availability depending on the area.

Smart Openers
Smart Openers

In addition to their Key by Amazon feature, they also have 2-way audio so you can communicate in real time between your smartphone and garage. LiftMaster smart openers are virtually silent and are quiet with their long-lasting motor. They also have electronic protection that will protect against any forced openings of your garage door.

What Is A Battery Backup Garage Door Opener?

A battery backup garage door opener is ideal during power outages and will still allow you access to your garage in critical situations. Battery backups will keep your family safe during unprecedented times. With their safety feature, you’ll be able to get in or out of your garage when the power is out.

Battery backup garage door openers are reliable when they need you the most. In case you need to evacuate, have an emergency, or outage, you’ll be able to rely on your battery backup. To operate, the battery backup is located within your garage door opener.

The battery backup will typically last you anywhere from one to two years depending on the amount of usage and how you care for your battery. When you become alerted that your battery needs to be replaced, the replacement will only take you a few minutes to complete. LiftMaster offers several garage door openers that have battery backup included.

With battery backup, you can feel secure knowing that you’ll have access to your garage even during the worst of times. Battery garage door openers are easy to replace and work on all LiftMaster garage door openers such as their wall mount, chain, belt, and smart drive openers.

LiftMaster Chain Drive Garage Door Opener Prices

LiftMaster chain drive garage door openers are pricier than their belt garage door openers, but they are a lot sturdier. Even though chain drive garage openers are more expensive than their other garage openers, they are still on the affordable side averaging between $250-$400.

One of LiftMaster’s most-affordable garage door openers is the chain drive 8165W model, which costs $250. This chain drive garage door opener is cheaper than some of the belt drive models. This model has top-notch strength, wifi connections, motion sensors, battery backup, and standby modes that will help you in consuming less power.

LiftMaster Belt Drive Garage Door Opener Prices

LiftMaster belt drive garage door openers have the most affordable models. These models are the most-affordable because they have a traditional design that most customers look for. Belt drive garage door openers are very strong and able to handle single or double-garage doors.

Belt drive garage door openers are better for customers who are on a budget and looking for reliability. You’ll be able to find LiftMaster belt drives priced from $200-$400. When it comes to dependability and quietness, this is a very decent price for customers.

You can find the LiftMaster 8550 WLB model priced at $400, which  is on the higher end of availability. This model has an extra quiet motor, battery backup, and smart sensors to prevent property damage.

LiftMaster Wall-Mount Direct Drive Garage Door Opener Prices

LiftMaster wall-Mount garage door openers are the most expensive of categories, but also carry several more advantages than their belt and chain drive models. One of the largest advantages of the wall-mount models is their aesthetic. You can find wall-mount garage door openers anywhere between $400-$600.

The most-popular wall-mount LiftMaster model is the 8500W Elite Series which is priced at just under $600. The top features of this model include ultra-quiet sound, a locking mechanism, wifi connections, sensors, and Security 2.0. If you plan to have a wall-mount garage opener, you’ll need to have an electrical outlet next to your garage door for proper installation.

How Long Does A LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Last?

LiftMaster garage door openers will typically last you anywhere from 15-20 years if they are properly maintained. If your garage door opener is not in excellent condition, you can expect your garage door opener to last anywhere from 8-12 years. Even though LiftMaster garage door openers are built to last, particular garage door openers may have a better life expectancy.

To properly maintain your garage door opener and to keep it running smoothly, you’ll want to tighten up your hardware, inspect and replace your rollers if needed, and lubricate the needed parts. In addition, you should check your cables, check safety features, and check your garage door for any damage.

Do LiftMaster Garage Door Openers Have A Warranty?

LiftMaster offers a limited warranty for their United States and Canadian customers. The warranty is for the original purchaser of the product and begins on the day of purchase. The warranty is based on installation, operation, and maintenance testing.

The warranty will not apply or cover damages if the purchase doesn’t comply with the instructions. If during your limited warranty period you notice a defect, you can call (800)-528-5880 before you dismantle your garage door opener. Once you have dismantled your product, you will send it in for warranty repair.

Please note that the limited warranty will not cover non-deft damages, damages caused by improper installation, or misuse of the product. The warranty rules have gone into effect starting September 1, 2022.

LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Remote Controls

LiftMaster offers several remote controls for their garage door openers. These remote controls include their 3-Button Visor Remote, 1-Button Remote, 2-Button Universal Remote, Passport-Max Remote, and 4-Button Security+ 2.0. These remote controls come with some of their best features.

The 3-Button Remote controls up to 3 garage door openers and has confident security additions. The 1-Button Remote has universal comparability, real-time alerts, and smartphone control. The 2-Button Universal Remote has multi-device control, real-time alerts, and smartphone control for their MyQ products.

The Passport-Max Remote has a unique credential ID, secure codes, and comparability. The 4-Button Security+ 2.0 controls up to 4 garage door openers, supports different frequencies, and sends secure safety codes.

LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Accessories

LiftMaster offers several garage door accessories to their customers to make their garage door opener purchases complete. Some of their accessories include their Smart Garage Camera, Universal Keyless Entry, Wireless Keyless Entry System, MyQ Home Bridge, Sensor Interface, and their Smart Touchscreen Deadbolt. 

Their Smart Camera delivers secure video, HD video, and has a storage subscription. The Universal Keyless Entry has a wireless design, security codes, and keyless access. The Wireless Keyless System also has a wireless design with keyless access.

The MyQ Home Bridge has multi-device control, smartphone controls, and real-time alerts. The Sensor Interface can connect up to 10 sensors and has Bluetooth connectivity. Lastly, the Smart Touchscreen Deadbolt has a smart lock deadbolt, is key-free, and is backed by Yale.

Our Top Picks

The 84505R Secure View Ultra-Quiet Belt Drive Smart Opener is one of the top models that is priced at around $670.

The 8365W-267 ½ HP AC Chain Drive Wifi Garage Door Opener is on the less expensive side, being priced at around $280.

Finally, the 87504-267 Secure View Ultra-Quiet Belt Drive Smart Opener with Camera, LED Corner-to-Corner Lighting, and Battery Backup comes in at being priced in the middle around $500.