Ceiling Fan Makes Buzzing Noise (Reasons & Fixes)

Ceiling fans are a great way to circulate air around your home. They’re also a great way to keep your energy costs down. In fact, ceiling fan manufacturers claim that using one can save you up to $100

Nest Thermostat Low Battery (Easy To Follow Guide)

The Nest Thermostat is a smart thermostat that can be controlled through your phone. It allows you to change the temperature from anywhere through your phone and is a touch screen. They have various features such as eco

Air Conditioner Sounds Like Water Running? (Here’s Why)

Your air conditioner should blend into the background of your home, blowing gently but inconspicuously as it cools your home.  When your air conditioner starts making noises, however, there is cause for concern – after all, your air

Do Window Air Conditioners Pull Air From Outside?

Window unit air conditioners are a godsend during the summer months when you want to prevent the air inside from becoming as hot and sticky as the air outside. Although they provide relief, you may be concerned about