Kohler Vs. Toto (Detailed Comparison of Sinks & Toilets)

When it comes to plumbing staples like bathroom sinks and toilets, Kohler and Toto are two of the most sought after brands on the market. Many households worldwide rely on these two brands for excellent quality, price point and durability. But which one is the better brand?

Both brands offer numerous benefits and perks. While Kohler is the typical go-to brand on the market, Toto is a brand on the rise, offering a higher quality, luxury appeal. If you are in the market for either, it will depend on personal preferences such as price, style, maintenance and efficiency. Both brands are overall efficient, durable, and dependable lines of products that are used and loved worldwide. 

While there are certainly benefits to having either of these brands, it all comes down to what is better for the consumer. Let’s dive into the perks of each and where they may fall short in your scenario. This guide will help you decide which one is the better solution for your plumbing needs. 

Kohler Vs. Toto Toilet Comparison 

Let’s compare Kohler and Toto’s toilet qualities. From their flushing abilities to their running cost, these points will break down all of the attributes they have to offer your household. When you purchase a toilet, you are buying for a long term purpose so you want to know what each has to bring to your home for years to come. 

Flushing Abilities

This one is big- one of the worst issues you can come across with a toilet is flushing problems. You want a quick, swift flush each and every time without clogging and water rising, along with a soft sound. 

From leakage to water usage and quiet technology, these are all qualities you want out of your toilet experience.
Toto is the more advanced of the two, offering the highest technology flushing on the market. They have superior eco-friendly quality and provide water efficiency with each flush.

However, don’t dismiss the powerful flushing technology of the Kohler models just yet. They are well known for having advanced flushing options, along with a quiet and water efficient experience. 

You can choose from a wide variety of toilets from either brand but both provide single and dual flushing technology, known to conserve water and provide a silent flush. 

General Maintenance 

When it comes to maintaining your toilet like keeping it functioning efficiently, Toto typically requires less maintenance. The way that they are manufactured ensures zero leaks, therefore you won’t ever run into a mess of water when the plumbing fails. Parts replacement isn’t a typical necessity, however, if you need a part for the Toto, it may not be as easy to acquire as the Kohler.

Kohler toilets are well known for holding up over time and maintaining durability. Being the go-to brand for most households means you can get spare parts in a pinch with no issues. This American manufactured brand has high quality parts that hold up over time. 


Both brands offer easy clean options. However, if you do go with a two piece toilet, it may be harder in general to clean. 

Toto offers a Sanagloss surface finish which protects the toilet from bacteria and grime, making it very easy to clean. This luxury perk is a great quality with the Toto toilet models. It is recommended not to use harsh chemicals so you don’t affect the integrity of that finish. 

Kohler toilets are cleaned the same way any basic toilet is- use your typical chemicals with a soft base brush and be careful not to scratch the surface with anything too harsh. 

Design and Appearance 

Both of these brands offer a variety of toilet types. You can choose your best preference down to style, model and color.

Kohler offers both one and two piece toilets and urinals. Choose from round or elongated bowl types and an array of different colors and sizes. Toto offers the same types of bowls in all different varieties. 

Whichever brand you choose, the types and models are plentiful.


As mentioned, Toto is the more advanced brand of the two. This luxury company offers toilets on the higher end, therefore, you will be paying the higher price ticket when you go with Toto. Kohler is a more affordable brand, but offering the same durability and life expectancy. However, if you prefer one to the other, they both have options for any budget. Check out the chart below for a price comparison in the price recommendation section to compare prices and specs.

Product Recommendation 

Still can’t decide? Let’s highlight some of Toto’s and Kohler’s varieties that are consumer approved. Here are some of Kohler and Toto’s most recommended models. This chart will show the price and perks of each toilet. 

ModelPriceKey Points
TotoUltraMax $689-Tornado Flush Technology-Sleek Design
Drake$495-Basic Model w/ Tornado Technology
KohlerSanta Rosa$523-Advanced Technology Model
Highline$298-Basic ModelAttractive with high efficiency

Kohler Vs. Toto Sink Comparison 

Kohler and Toto sinks are both highly recommended brands. Modern consumers will navigate towards the Kohler, as they are very plentiful and American made, however Toto is quickly on the rise. Here are some of the specific benefits to owning a sink by Kohler and Toto. 


When it comes to the efficiency and usage of Kohler and Toto sinks, they have very good reputations that consumers have enjoyed for many years. They both have advanced technology that will take you for years and years. 

Toto is well known for its high quality, bacteria fighting porcelain. This beautiful material is durable and easily cleaned with soap and water. The stain fighting surface works hard to keep the appearance up to par. Kohler is known for its quality porcelain and stainless steel as well. 

They are also known to make all different sizes, which helps if you need an efficiently sized sink.


Warranties are a huge deal when you purchase a household necessity that you hope will last a very long time. Both Toto and Kohler do offer limited warranties to ensure if anything does not properly function, you can get it fixed or replaced. 

Toto products tend to offer one year limited warranties. These do not cover accidental damage but anything that prevents it from functioning correctly can be replaced within the year. 

Kohler sinks offer 3 year limited warranties on all of their sink models. This is great news for those who wish for an extended warranty to ensure the quality holds up over time. 


The great news about a sink is that they are destined to last for many, many years. Depending on the material you choose and how often it is used, a sink in general can last anywhere from 15-100 years. Luckily, both of these brands hold up when it comes to longevity and durability so you can’t go wrong with either. 

Kohler and Toto both have very positive reviews and hold up well over time when it comes to their sink models. 

Design and Appearance 

Kohler sinks all come in beautiful porcelain. Sturdy, durable and appealing, there’s a ton of options to choose from. From the typical sink insert to a gorgeous pedestal model, they have an extensive collection of attractive fixtures to choose from. They have a classic look to them-timeless and traditional. 

Toto sinks have a luxury look to them, but they aren’t all too much different from the styles of the well-loved Kohler models. You might notice they have some design to them that includes marble accents and intricately carved curves in a pedestal stink. Their collection is a large one so you have a plethora of options to choose from. 


Kohler sinks come in a wide variety which means there is a price point for each and every style. From a sink insert to a pedestal sink, there is an option for every budget. You can expect a basic sink insert to start around $120, whereas a luxury pedestal option may run you upwards of $600. 

Toto sinks also offer an array of different styles and prices. If you’re looking for a more basic model, expect to pay $181. For a more stylish design, it might run you around $600-700. 

Product Recommendation 

Here are some of the basics when it comes to popular models. Here is Kohler’s most typical, small model and its pedestal style. You can see the vast difference in price but it gives you a good range of what to expect with Kohler sink pricing. 

Toto brands that are featured in this chart are the basic, yet stylish, sink insert and their upscale, trendy pedestal variety. As you can see the price point can be a good deal more expensive than the popular Kohler types. However, both offer fantastic appeal and great durability. 

ModelPriceKey Benefits
KohlerArcher$120-Basic Rectangular Model
Memoirs$592-Pedestal Sink
TotoDartmouth$298-Stylish Marble Undercounter Style
Clayton Pedestal$857-Stylish Pedestal Design

What Brand Should You Pick?

Now that you’ve learned a bit about the varieties available from each brand, you probably have a better idea of which would suit your lifestyle more. Both brands have large collections of sinks and toilets all ranging from modestly priced to advanced, high end models. 

With Toto being the more luxury model, offering advanced efficiency, water conservation and a bacteria fighting surface, this is definitely the more lavish brand. This means you might pay a heftier cost, but will reap the long lasting effects of a quiet, durable toilet.

Kohler is a tried and true American brand, certain to last for years to come. The technology is nearly as advanced and they are efficient and reliable. This go-to brand is a staple in homes worldwide. 

It comes down to the overall appeal and price so do your research and choose carefully. 


When it comes to Kohler and Toto brands, they are at the forefront of the plumbing technology industry. You can opt for the luxury Toto models, manufactured in Japan and created with the most advanced technology.

Or, go for America’s household favorite, Kohler, which is a brand that offers affordable, appeal options. With both offering such quality options and something for every budget, you can’t go wrong with either. Base your choice on personal preferences such as color, style and efficiency. 

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