Milgard vs. Andersen vs. Marvin Windows (Costs & Life Expectancy) 

For those building a new home or redoing their old one, you have likely come across the window brands of Milgard, Andersen, and Marvin. These are some of the top window manufacturers on the market, but how do you know which ones to go with? 

Milgard tends to be the overall best window company, with great quality windows at a low price paired with a lifetime warranty. Andersen windows have the most stylistic options to choose from with Marvin being close behind. Each company offers Energy Star windows, so you will never need to compromise of efficiency.

Milgard vs. Andersen vs. Marvin Windows

When debating between Milgard vs Andersen vs Milgard windows, you will find they have a lot of similarities. The main differences come from what you deem is most important for your new windows. Whether you prefer style options, efficiency, cost, or the window’s warranty, you will be able to find your perfect window set with one of these companies. Follow along to learn the differences so you can make an informed decision for your home!

Milgard Windows

Before we go into why Milgard is the best choice to go with for your window needs, let’s first discuss the history and reputation of the company! Milgard was founded just outside of Portland, Oregon, and has been making windows for more than 50 years. They are best known for its fiberglass and vinyl windows and doors, which are some of the best on the market.

One unique thing about Milgard is they are a vertically integrated company. Meaning they create pretty much every component that goes into their windows. This includes insulated glass units, fiberglass frames, and other vinyl components. By doing this, they can ensure that each piece is perfect for the window and that the whole unit will last a long time!

Milgard Windows

They tend to have the lowest prices of the other companies, and they are able to do this through this vertical integration structure! Many people love this company, as they guarantee good quality windows by offering a lifetime warranty. They are committed to environmental excellence as well as consulting with you to be sure the windows you select work perfectly with your home.

Andersen Windows

Andersen windows are some of the most searched for windows compared to any other brand! This company is established in Bayport, Minnesota, and has been operating for nearly 120 years. They operate across North America and boast dozens of awards for their work. 

The major pull of Andersen windows is its wide selection of style options. They offer seven different frame options, nine interior wood finishes, and 50 different exterior colors. With that, you can make over 3,000 different combinations! This is what makes them the first choice for window shoppers who have a big emphasis on design.

Andersen Windows

Andersen Windows has a secondary company called Renewal by Andersen, which offers full service installation with Andersen windows. While Andersen itself is highly regarded, this secondary company is known for trying to do high-pressure sales. If you are considering working with this branch you may want to look into some reviews about the relationship you could be getting into.

Despite this, Andersen windows can be found in your local Home Depot. So if you are interested in the product you can go look at real items to see if they fit well in your home. These windows do tend to be more pricy than others, but they are beautiful and convenient for your home.

Marvin Windows

Finally, we have Marvin Windows! Marvin company is also established in Minnesota and actually began as a lumber company back in 1912. This history has led them to make the best wood windows and wood-clad fiberglass windows you can find. On top of this, they are incredibly sustainability focused and have won several green awards for their business practices.

A neat factoid about Marvin is that they make efforts to build susutianable communities across the United States! It is apart of their commitment to people and great houses, so you know that your money with them can go to bigger and better sustainability projects. It is clear that sustainability is largely important to this company, which may help you decide between the three.

Marvin Windows

Because of this focus, Marvin offers several window options that are incredibly energy efficient. So whether you live somewhere hot or cold, you will not need to spend as much money on temperature control in your home! As the windows are well insulated and protected, keeping the suns heat and the winter chills out of your home. 

Milgard vs. Andersen vs. Marvin Windows (Costs & Life Expectancy)

There are a lot of factors to consider when looking to buy new windows. Cost, style, efficiency, and warranty can all determine the value of the window and if it is the right fit for you. So let us break down all of these categories to see which window company adds up the most!


There are many factors that set the price of windows. Some are more efficient, some have a better warranty, and some come built with long lasting materials. Because of this, it is a bit harder to compare these three companies bases on price with so many options. The best way to compare these costs is to find each company’s average.

Milgard, Andersen, Marvin Windows Cost Chart

When a handful of the windows are averaged out, the most affordable option is Milgard. Their windows cost between $350 and $1,200 on average. So if you are looking for the most affordable windows with the best quality, Milgard is the way to go. The price will be different for every house, but you will start at a lower base point.

Andersen and Marvin’s windows are priced similarly to each other, starting at $500 and ranging up to more than $1,200 in total. There are several different factors these price points depend on, such as the material, style, and location of the house. So you may be able to lower these costs depending on the features you select.

For example, windows cost more to install if they are on a second floor due to the extra time and labor. The style of the window affects the price a lot too, ad double hung windows cost more than single hung windows. Finally, window materials like aluminum are the least expensive, whereas wood is a lot more. As you can see, your selections can greatly vary the price of windows from any of these companies!


One of the most exciting elements of choosing your new windows is deciding on a style. Let us say you are very focused on interior design or want to find the perfect window style to match your home. By working with a company that has a lot of options you will have the best chances to find something you love!

When it comes to style options, Andersen by far has the most to choose from. Just in terms of color, they offer 50 different exterior colors to choose from. Comparatively, Milgard only has 7 to pick from and Marvin has 20. There are many other elements to determine the style of windows besides colors, such as window shape and material.

Style of Windows are more prefer with Andersen

 In this terms of window shape, Marvin has the most window shape options with 10 to choose from over Andersen and Milgards’ 7. However, all of these brands have the basic shape, materials, and colors to choose from. But if you want a large selection to choose from, Andersen tops in this category.


The overall efficiency of windows is a major element in choosing the perfect window for your home. Good windows are insulated and protected to that they are good barriers from outside elements. Efficient windows can greatly affect the cooling and heating of your home, while also being sure the windows do not break down quickly.

Luckily, all of these brands score very similarly on the efficiency scale. Milgard, Andersen, and Marvin all have highly rated efficiency, so you do not need to pick between them if this is your top priority. Each of these companies has Energy Stars for their windows, meaning there is no real competition in this category!

Milgard vs. Andersen vs. Marvin Windows Efficiency

The type of window you select may differ in its overall efficiency, but all of these companies make great quality windows. With insulating glass, low-emittance coatings, and multi-pane glazing, the majority of their windows meet standards in every climate zone. So no matter if you live in the desert or the snowy mountains, these windows will work perfectly for your home.


The final, and most important category, is the warranty each of these companies offers. This is a great way to tell the actual quality of a product. If the producers say they will stand by their products for decades, you know they are confident the windows will not break within a few years. Good warranties are a testament to the company and its faith in its product.

Once again, all of these companies have great warranties. The best warranty comes from Milgard, who offers a lifetime of parts and labor for their windows. Meaning if your windows break 5 or 25 years after you install them, Milgard will come and fix them without charging you! This is a stellar warranty that should make you deeply consider their business.

Andersen and Marvin have the same warranty between them, offering 20 replacements for the glass and 10 years for the operable parts. This is still a great warranty and ensures your windows will be beautiful and operable for the next few decades. However, it is hard to beat Milgards’ lifetime offer!

It should also be noted that Milgard windows have a longer overall lifetime than Andersen and Marvin. Milgards’ fiberglass windows tend to hold up best over all the other materials and companies. These windows are low maintenance, do not warp over time, and are durable, insulating, and naturally resistant to decay. This is probably why they have such a long warranty, as they are built to last forever.

Which is better? 

As you can see by reading this far, it is clear why these three companies are in tight competition. They all offer greatly efficient windows and warranties but offer different styles and pricing options. Picking which one is best for you depends on which factors you value most. Here is a small chart outline of which companies excel in various categories.


From this table, Milgard is the true winner. Only lacking in style options, this company offers well prices and efficient windows that are guaranteed to last you a lifetime! This is what makes it such a popular brand and the best option if you want sturdy, beautiful windows to elevate your home.

Marvins’ biggest pro is their commitment to style. Marvin makes exceptional wood and wood-clad fiberglass windows due to their history as a wood products company in the early 1900s. This makes them perfect for historical homes and those looking for a classic ambiance.

Finally, there is Andersen. If designs and customizability is the major element in your window shopping, Andersen is the company to go with. They simply offer so many more color and style options than the other companies, it is hard to beat!


If you have made it this far, congratulations! You now have an excellent understanding of the main differences between Milgard vs Andersen vs Marvin windows. If you are looking for new windows for your home you are in luck as these three companies all offer excellent products. 

Choosing between them simply depends on what you are looking for most! But in truth you will not be disappoint if you go with any company, as they are customer friendly and as committed to your home as you are. Hopefully, this article has helped you with you questions and guided you to your final decision.

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