Garbage Disposal Jammed (Troubleshooting Guide)

Is your garbage disposal not working, no matter what you do? If so, the blades could be jammed, and you might not expect which foods and household items could be the culprit.  When your garbage disposal is jammed,

Why Does The Toilet Make a Whistling Noise (Fix It Now!)

Noises coming from your toilet can be irritating to deal with as a homeowner. They can interrupt your daily activities and cause unnecessary worry.  Even worse, unusual sounds can signal expensive and involved repairs in the near future.

How To Find Your Septic Tank [Easy Ways]

Whether you want to plant a garden, build a shed, or get your septic tank inspected, you need an easy way to find your septic tank. Homeowners don’t always mark where their septic tank is, so when it

What Size Septic Tank Do I Need? (Types & Pricing)

Installing a new septic system in your home is a big job. Selecting the correct size is important in having an efficient system. An undersized system can cause backups. The question is then: “What size septic do I