Should a Mini-Split Run All the Time? (Mini Split Operating Tips)

Mini-split AC systems are an efficient and affordable way to heat or cool your home. Whether you are considering this system for your home or a new owner of a mini-split, you may be wondering how you can optimize all the benefits it offers. 

The mini-split AC system draws in air from the outdoor compressor through the indoor evaporator, where the air is heated or cooled to the desired temperature. Keeping the system on consistently will allow you to save energy and maintain the ideal temperature. Setting the system to auto will allow the system to work cost-efficiently. 

There are a few tips and tricks to save money and efficiently utilize this system! Curious homeowners and active users of the ductless mini-split AC system will find all the necessary information for making the most of its capabilities. So continue along with us for a quick brief on the mini-split AC system!

What is a Mini-Split AC System?

If you are not quite sure what a mini-split AC system is, here is a quick rundown. There are two main parts, the outdoor compressor, and the indoor evaporator. Through a small 3-inch hole, a set of wires is driven through the wall of the house connecting these two elements. 

The outdoor compressor brings air through the tube system inside the house where the evaporator cools or heats it to the set temperature. This tube element is what makes the mini-split system ductless. Each unit is independent, so every room has its own compressor and evaporator.

Through this independent system, each room is controlled independently. This is where the money saving comes in because energy is not wasted on rooms that are not in use. This is the major difference between mini-split systems and central systems.

These systems are easy to install in homes, energy efficient, and great for saving money in the long run. They can last up to 20 years and can be adapted to any type of home setup. Plus, they work in hot, cold, and seasonal climates! This is why they are growing in popularity everywhere as a reliable way to keep your home comfortable all year round.   

How Mini-Split AC Systems Work 

Mini-split AC systems operate very simply. The indoor evaporator pulls in air from the outdoor compressor through a small 3-inch tube. As the air reaches the indoor component, it heats or cools it depending on the setting. Then it pushes that air out into your home!

Unlike a central system, the mini-split is ductless and independent. This means there is no need to carve out new ducts to install it and each room is controlled on its own. This makes it incredibly easy to install and is highly customizable. 

The independence of this system is one of its strong suits. By allowing you to manage the airflow in each room you are able to only use the energy you need. Whereas central systems heat and cool all rooms no matter if they are being used or not. Making it great for saving energy and lowering your electricity bill!

Should Your Mini-Split Run All the Time?

One of the biggest perks of a mini-split AC system is that it saves a lot of energy, but it also saves energy by staying on! You should let your mini-split system run all the time in AUTO mode to keep from spending extra energy to bring the room up to temp every day. You may think that it is a bit opposite to save energy by leaving the system on all day, but it is true!

Let us say you live in a hot climate where you need air conditioning often. If you turn on the mini-split till the room gets cool, then turn the system off, and it will slowly heat up again. Then you will have to use extra energy to make the system cool down again.

However, if you leave the system on, then it will turn on every once in a while to maintain a cool temperature. Therefore saving energy in the long run and keeping you more comfortable at the same time.

Mini-split systems are efficient at what they do. With inverter technology and low power modes, the system does not need to constantly be adjusted. It is great at getting to temperature and staying there without wasting energy.

If you have rooms in your home that you only use ever so often, then you could afford to keep those off till you need them. But generally speaking, it is better to keep the system on to save energy and moderate the temperature in your home!

Tips For Running Your Mini-Split System 

Although the mini-split system is great at running on its own, there are a few tips and tricks to make it that much more efficient! Take a look through this short list to find easy ways to maintain perfect temperatures in your home without spending extra energy.

Set the Fan To Auto

One of the easiest ways to conserve energy with your mini-split system is to set the fan to auto. You will still be able to adjust the overall temperature, but the machine won’t work harder than it needs to fill up the space.

This setting will let the system adjust its fan speed to maintain the temperature and minimize the use of energy. Making it hit temperature faster, saving money, and being more efficient. It also makes it easier on you, as you do not need to repetitively maintain the system’s settings.

Check For Drainage Regularly 

If you use the air conditioning a lot in your home, one way to maintain the overall system is to check for drainage on the outdoor condenser. When the system cools your home, some condensation will build up on the evaporator coils which drains away. If the system does not drain properly, it could lead to bigger problems down the road. 

To check this, examine the outdoor condenser unit to see if the condensation is draining away. If you don’t see any while your system is running you should contact a trained professional. This will help maintain the system and prevent expensive repairs!

Improve Air Circulation 

Another way to ease the stress off of your mini-split AC system is to improve the natural airflow of your home. This is easily done by leaving your interior doors open! The difference between leaving doors open and closed can be as much as 5 °F!

It may seem small, but this will help the system spend less energy and run for shorter times. This will help maintain the life span of this system and keep it working as its meant to. Which will end up saving you some money on your energy bill!

During Extreme Temperatures, Block the Sun 

Our sun is great at warming up the earth, but this can be bothersome when it is too hot! To take a bit of pressure off of your mini-split system in the summer, you can draw your curtains to keep out the sun’s rays.

Particularly in windows with direct sunlight, blocking the heat will keep your house cooler and allow the mini-split system to conserve more energy. Likewise, you can save energy in the winter by opening up the blinds and letting sunlight help warm your home!

How Loud Are Mini-Split Systems? 

Having multiple air conditioners in a house may be a bit concerning if you expect them to produce a lot of noise. Luckily, mini-split AC systems are incredibly quiet, even if you have several turned on around the house!

At its loudest, the mini-split system creates up to 25 decibels of sound. For context, this is lower than a conventional AC unit 100 feet away and is as quiet as the rustling leaves outside! Even if you are sensitive to sounds, these systems are quiet and barely noticeable unless you are paying attention to them. 

Energy Efficiency With Mini-Split System 

A correctly sized mini-split system is efficient with its low use of power and independent setup. One system only uses up to 45 amps of electricity, which is significantly lower than conventional systems. But it also uses efficient processes to save even more energy!

A mini-split system does not use hefty fans to force circulation throughout the house or create its own heat to warm up a room. Instead, it uses a bit of electricity to transfer heat from one place to another and gentle fans to cool a single room. Making it efficient in both heat and cold. All of these factors together make mini-split systems energy and cost-efficient!


There is a lot of factors to effectively owning a mini-split system. They work well at moderating temperature and conserving energy on their own, but you can certainly add to it with a few little tricks. And having a great understanding of these machines can make you an even better homeowner!

Now, one extra tip for those who got through the whole article! To keep from constantly adjusting the temperature to find the perfect one, play with the machine when you first get it. That way you can quickly figure out your perfect temperature and can simply set the rest of the house to it!

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