Standard Garage Door Sizes (Standard & Pole Barn)

Are you planning on adding a garage to your home? If so, one thing you will need to factor in is the garage door size. There are many options for homeowners to choose from. They should also factor in what they will be using the garage for. After all, an RV needs to get through a larger garage door than a motorcycle.

Standard garage doors are 7′ in height and 8′ to 9′ wide. Double garage doors are wider, with the typical width being 16′. Shop doors need room for commercial vehicles, so they are usually 32’2″ by 24’1″. If you require a specific size of garage door, always contact the dealer to directly order a custom garage door.

Have you been wondering about the standard sizes of garage doors? You’ve come to the right page. Today, we’re going to discuss the different sizes ranges. Read on to learn which type of garage door is right for your project.

GarageAverage SizeCustom Sizes
Standard Residential7′ by 9′Yes
Single Car7′ by 9′Yes
2-Car7′ by 16′Yes
3-Car3X 7′ by 8′Yes
4-Car2X 7′ by 16Yes
Shop32’2″ by 24’1″Yes
Pole Barn16′ by 24′Yes
Carriage House7′ by 8′Yes
Standard Garage Door Sizes

Standard Garage Door Sizes

Every homeowner has different needs. That is why you’ll see different-sized garages on different properties. Some homeowners simply need a one-car garage, while others need space for recreational vehicles. Let’s take a look at some of the different garage door sizes to give you a better idea of what you need.

Standard Garage Door Sizes

Standard Residential Garage

The average height for a residential garage door is 7 feet. These doors are approximately 8 to 9 feet in width. However, there are slight differences between each garage door manufacturer. These doors could be slightly smaller or taller depending on the manufacturer. You may find standard garage doors anywhere between 6’6″ and 8′ in height.

If you’re purchasing that garage door directly from the manufacturer, you may be able to customize the size. However, if you request the standard garage door to be taller than 8 feet, the manufacturer will charge more money.

Widely availableNot suited for tall vehicles
Compatible with garage door openersFewer options for customization
Easy to install

One-Car Garage Doors

The average size of a one-car garage door is 7′ tall by 9′ wide. This is the most common type of garage door that’s used for small garages and townhouses. Most vehicles for everyday transportation can fit through these doors. However, lifted trucks won’t be able to fit through.

One-Car Garage Doors

One-car garage doors are very similar in size to standard residential garage doors. It is possible to find one-car garage doors that are only 8′ wide. This is a good option for homeowners that are limited with space.

Excellent choice for smaller building projectsNot equipped for large vehicles
Widely available
Easy to install

Two-Car Garage Door

A two-car garage door is typically 7′ in height x 16′ in width. However, you can go up to 12 feet in height on two-car garage doors. This makes it easier to park lifted trucks and RVs in the garage.

When choosing a two-car garage door, you will be able to choose between installing a double door or two single doors. Many homeowners prefer having two single doors because there is a better balance with the aesthetics. However, a double door provides more space.

Two-Car Garage Door
More space is provided for wider loadsAllows more cold air in the garage
More style options & choicesDouble doors are less attractive
Creates a more spacious work area

Three-Car Garage Door

Three-car garages are generally designed to have 3 single garage doors. You likely won’t come across a residential garage door that’s wide enough for 3 cars to fit through. This is because the design would be too heavy and cause too many structural problems.

Three-Car Garage Door

If you’re building a three-car garage, it’s recommended to plan out 9 feet of space for the width of each car door (27 feet). You can choose the height of the door based on your preferences. It’s common to go between 7′ and 9′, but if you want extra height for an RV, you should choose 12′ doors.

Four-Car Garage Door

There isn’t a garage door wide enough to fit 4 cars through. This gives homeowners a few different options to choose from. They can have 4 separate standard doors installed. However, if they want that many doors on one building, they can opt for one or two doors that are 16 feet wide.

Four-Car Garage Door

Shop Garage

Shop garage doors are often 32’2″ in height and 24’1″ in width. Commercial garage doors are typically a lot larger than the ones used in residential garages. This is because they need to be spacious enough for vehicles that wouldn’t be seen in a residential garage, like courier trucks or school buses.

The establishment’s needs will be the biggest factor in what size of industrial garage door they need. This is why the shop is generally in contact with the manufacturer when arranging to purchase a garage door.

Customize the door to the business needsHigher cost
Doors large enough to fit industrial vehicles throughNot common for residential properties

Pole Barn Garage Door

The average size of a pole barn garage door is 16′ by 24′. There are more sizing options for barn garage doors, allowing people to choose one that matches their needs. The average height of these doors is between 14′ and 16′, while the average width is 24′ to 32′.

That being said, the homeowner has the final say. There are pole barn garage doors that are only 8′ in width and height. However, this isn’t usually the recommended height for pole barn garage doors. Keep in mind, lifted trucks will need at least 12′ to fit under and semi trucks will require 14′.

Pole Barn Garage Door
Different size options to fit the barnMore expensive
Best choice for commercial vehiclesProfessional installation
Several types of garage doors for pole barns

Carriage House Garage Doors

Carriage house garage doors can be customized to your garage. These are the best type of garage doors for boosting the curb appeal of your home. Old carriage house garage doors would open side-to-side. Modern carriage house garage doors are designed to roll up.

These doors are similar in size to standard residential garage doors. The average size for a small carriage house garage door is 7′ by 8′. However, when you order one for your garage, you can choose the exact size you want.

Carriage House Garage Doors
Aesthetically pleasingMore focus on looks than functionality
Customize the size to the property
Adds value to the home

Custom Garage Doors

The standard size of garage door may not be the right fit for your garage. Speak with the garage door dealer or manufacturer directly to inquire about customizations. This option is available with nearly every reputable dealership.

Customizations are available because there are many uses for a garage. Not every homeowner is content with a standard-size door. If you own an RV or a commercial vehicle for work, you will likely need a door that can allow up to 12′ in height.

Now, the price of a custom garage door will vary. You can expect it to be anywhere from $700 to over $3,700. The cost will factor in what type of customizations you require.

Custom Garage Doors

Standard Garage Door Thickness

Most garage doors are between 1 3/8 and 2 inches thick. Thicker garage doors provide more insulation. This is something that many homeowners can benefit from, especially if they live in a cold climate. Keeping the cold out can help to protect the items you store in your garage.

Another thing to consider is that insulated garage doors keep the noise out. You will be able to get work done in your garage without hearing everything else that’s going on in your neighborhood.

Thicker garage doors are also more durable. They can withstand more use without experiencing dents or bumps.

How To Measure A Garage Door

Do you want to replace your garage door? You will need to measure the opening to ensure you get the right size replacement. Below are the steps to measure a garage door.

  1. Start by measuring the width of the garage door. Choose the widest part to measure and make sure you take note of the feet and inches.
  2. Measure the height of the door. For this step, you will need to measure 3 different points, the left side, right side, and center.
  3. Take a look at the area beside the garage opening. You will need to have at least 3.75″ on each side of the opening.
  4. Next, you will need the measure the headroom in the garage. This is the amount of space between the top of the garage door opening and the ceiling.
  5. Measure the backroom. This is the distance between the opening of the garage door and the back wall.

Please note. If you have more than one garage door, you will need to follow these steps with each garage door to ensure you get the exact measurements.


A properly installed garage door can do wonders for your home. The standard size of a garage door is 7′ by 8′ and 7′ by 9′. This is the most common size used on residential garages. It’s the perfect size for single vehicles. If you have a 2-car garage, there will either be 2 standard doors or one double door. Most double doors are 7′ by 16′.

Garage doors can be customized to be taller or wider. This allows people to have enough room for RVs and commercial vehicles. Shops and pole barns typically have larger garage doors to fit semi-trucks and commercial vehicles.

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